» » «If I were a millionaire»

«If I were a millionaire»

9- сыныптарға арналған               «If I were a millionaire» 
Дарменбаева Жанар Танжарбаевна
Маңғыстау облысы, Бейнеу ауданы, Бейнеу селосы
«Бейнеу гимназиясы»КММ-сі
Ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі;
The theme If I were a millionaire       
 The date25.10. 2016 ж
AimsTo teach the students to talk about real and impossible situation using the Second conditional
ResultsThey will be able  totalk about real and impossible situation using the sentences in Second conditional
Main ideasHaving a dream is good, but you must do something to realize your dreams
Lesson objectives
be able to listen and understand the verb-noun collocations,use in speech
All learners will be able to:
be able to understand the new word combinations in the context.
Most learners will be able to:
to use the Conditional Sentences in writing where necessary
Some learners will be able to:
to use  the Conditional Sentences  in their speech

ResourcesStudents’ book , A3 papers, slides, prezi presentations on page http://prezi.com/93lftai3e8xm/present/?auth_key=t1bor9q&follow=ff8wqfut-acr,
  Methods‘Match’ strategy,  method ‘Key words’, ‘Fishbone’ strategy, ‘Diamanta’,  the key ‘If I …’
Stages of the lessonTimeTeacher’s activityStudents’ activitiesResults
Org. moment.
2minOrganizing the class, checking the absentees. Teacher asks the children to  take the cards with words, find their groups and make up a proverbThe children are divided into groups and order the words to make a proverb
If everybody sweeps before his own door, we would have a clean city.
If it were not for hope, the heart would break.
Ifthings to be done twice, all would be wise.
They will get introduced with the verbs and think of theirmoral
Checking up the home task5 minTeacher asks the children to read the omens they have written at home.Children read the omens written using the First conditional:
E.g; If you hug your knee, you’ll be alone all your life.
If a black cat crosses your road, you’ll not be lucky …
They will use the first conditional in their speech.
Teacher asks the children to match the words to make up a Chinese proverb correctly.
Students match the halves to order the Chinese proverb:
If you are planning for a year,  saw rice;
If you are planning for a decade,  plant trees;
If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.
They will comment on this Chinese wisdom.
12 minTeacher offers the children to look at the new words and match them with their translations (‘Match’ strategy)
keep in touch [ki:p in tΛtς]
hostel  ['hοstel]
abroad  [æ'bro:d]
oversleep ['əʊvəsli:p]
(speak) fluently ['fluentli]
UFO [ju:ֽe'fəʊ]
unidentified [ʌn'ʌɪdɛntɪfaɪd]
waste (time) [weist]
earn ['ə:n]
Children try to find the meanings of the words. They match the words and their translations. After that they check their answers.They rewrite the new words in their speech.

Teacher asks the children to close their books and look at the slidewith Bolat’s picture and pictures describing his dream, then they write a short story about it in 3 minutes. (Method ‘Key words’).They write a short story about Bolat’s  dreams in their copy-books.  The timer is set.
They will pre-think of the theme.
 Realiza -tion of meaning
6 min Then teacher asks the children to read the text about Bolat’s life and his dreams.
Draw a fishbone in the poster and describe Bolat’s problems and facts causing them.
Children read and pay attention to the Second Conditional used in the text.They will find the sentences in second conditional and explain its formation.
They  work in groups and draw a fishbone diagram.
The problem is: His life is boring…
Causes: because they don’t live in a big house;
Facts describing it: They live in a small flat
They will work in groups and classify the problems and find the arguments proving them. They will present their posters in front of the class.

Teacher gives them self-work
 The key ‘If I …’
Ex 8, page 98
Students finish the sentences ‘If  my father became a millionaire,    we would …’
They will use the Second conditional in their speech
6 minTeacher asks the children to make up a dialogue according to the next exercisesChildren make up a dialogue using the questions in exercises 9:
If you had a chance to study abrad, …
  1. What country would you choose?
  2.  What things would you do before leaving?
  3.  …
They will use positive sentences and questions   in second conditional 
Reflection10 minTeacher reminds them how to write a diamanta
Two adjectives
Three verbs
Two word combinations
Three verbs
Two adjectives
Students write a diamante with the words ‘happiness’ and ‘wealth’.They will reflect about the moral of the lesson
Were the lesson objectives/learning objectives realistic?
What did the learners learn today?
What was the learning atmosphere like?

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